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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Five Tips for a Dreamy Sleep.

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Sleep? What is that?

I honestly never knew I could live on such little sleep until I had kids!

From the night time feedings, nights when they're throwing up, the night my niece let them watch the scary clown movie, to the toddler who pees three times a night= sleepy parents!

But being the mom of four kids has taught me some sleeping tips that will help you and your kiddos get your zzz's in every night and ready to take on the world every morning.


On the days I exercise, I can always tell I fall asleep faster. Exercise also helps reduce stress so this may be another reason it helps with sleep, too. Try to fit 30 minutes of exercise in each day ,mixed with chasing the kids, being their taxi driver, and refereeing your little munchkins and the next thing you know,you'll literally pass out at night!!

2. Stay on a schedule.

I get up the same time every day ,weekend or not! This keeps my sleep pattern the same and my body knows when it's supposed to wind down. I actually enjoy the early wake up on the weekends because my crew tends to want to sleep in ,and I can get some 'ME' time that I've craved all week!

3.Prepare your body for sleep.

We have a night time routine that consists of reading a bedtime story and rubbing our kids' feet with lotion.I try to keep some sleep lotion or stress lotion handy ,and I think this helps them wind down more than anything because it also helps clear their minds. My kids love having their feet rubbed and usually beg for it. Who doesn't like having their feet rubbed? Best part is -they rub mine ,too!

4. Don't nap!

If I take an afternoon nap, I usually have a horrible time falling asleep that night,so I try to avoid naps. If I get tired in the afternoons, I usually go for a walk or jog. This will usually give me enough energy to get through the rest of my day and save my sleep. If I have to take a nap, I set my alarm and make it a small one.

5. Put the cell phone away!

Everyone's brain needs a break from that phone! I know it's hard to do, but turn it off. Hearing texts has disrupted my sleep on many a night, so I try to turn mine off now. Teens can be really bad for losing sleep due to phones, to the point that I've actually taken my teens phones away for the night when I heard them texting all hours of the night.

Sleep is like food- if you don't have it, no one wants to be around you! So, try these tips,figure out what works for you, and get the Sandman back in your life!

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