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Challenge: The Life Changes Project

5 things that changed when I became a parent

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First off, I am so thankful to have two funny, curious, strong and sassy little girls. I love being a mother and being able to experience the ups and downs of being a parent. There are so many things that change when becoming a parent, but these are the ones that stand out in my life.

#5 You will never go to the bathroom alone again. I should qualify that, once my children started walking they always wanted to join me in the bathroom. This magical place where I could steal a few moments of silence to read People or US was no longer magical. On the bright side I do have a constant cheerleading crew giving me high fives for "going in the potty."

#4 Poop, spit up and vomit become the new perfume. I have never been the type of women that loaded up on perfume but a little scented lotion helped me feel good as I walked out the door in the morning to work. But I liked to smell so fresh and so clean. Whenever I was rushing to do something one of my children would remind me to slow down with one of their poop surprises or spit up right as I was dropping them off at day care. Just always have a few extra changes of clothes in the car for those little surprises.

#3 Living room dance parties are way better than any club. Sure in my 20s I loved to go out with my friends and dance the night away. But in my 30s as a parent I love it when my daughters request a spontaneous dance party. Currently Taylor Swift's Shake It Off is the go-to! It also helps you get your steps in for the day.

#2 Someone falling asleep on you is a good thing. We can all remember a time in our life when a love interest, partner or whoever fell asleep a little to close for comfort. You may have tried to move strategically and release yourself from what ever grip you were under. As a parent I LOVE the moments when my children fall asleep on my chest, in my arms or snuggled next to me on the couch. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate them and love the moment.

#1 The ability to truly live in the moment. I am constantly trying to juggle something and like clockwork, my children have a radar that will make me stop in my tracks. I love it! It resets me and makes me realize that whatever I thought I needed to rush to becomes secondary to laughing with them, reading a book and playing with blocks.

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