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First weekend away from your child

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Your child finally sleeps well through the night and your mother gives constant babysitting services - so why are you nervous every time you think you let your child one night, for the first time?

What you feel is actually a form of separation anxiety that every mother goes through, in one form or another. You can be nervous and even feel guilty, but it is more important to look at things in general.

Some time away from you will do well for your child, it may develop a sense of independence, and for you is important to give you some time to relax and reconnect you with your partner. There must be harmony between the different roles you play. Follow these three steps to enjoy a mini-vacation without constantly worry for your little.

1. Choose the right nanny

It is normal to think first from close relatives, but if your relationship is strained or live in other cities, will have to seek an alternative. In some cases, a professional nanny is the best option. Make sure you ask for references but as before call them on a nanny for a few short sessions with your child before going on vacation. Your child will adjust to her and will not feel too hard your absence.

2. Leave clear instructions

The fact that the nanny will have all the information she need, will make you more calm. Create a clear and detailed list of all child needs, your daily routine, what she like and what does not like. Make sure you leave contact information and all necessary emergency phones, the doctor phone, who sit at the hotel, and some phone numbers of close relatives. Get the first contact with these people and tell them you leave and you had left their number to bone for some case.

3. Do not panic

The fact that you don’t receives no news does not mean that something is wrong, on the contrary. If it makes you feel better, call occasionally to make sure it’’s all right, but remember that the idea of vacation is to relax, not to call 5 in 5 minutes.

You assured that the small is in good hands, now is the time to take care of you. If you leave all the necessary information should not wait call all the time. Remember that everything is OK because nobody is calling you.

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