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Finding Each Other (again) After The Kids Are Gone

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Remember when it was just the two of us, sliding into your car and stealing away for a weekend? Friday nights you’d drive us somewhere — it didn’t matter where. You’d drive us away, to explore a new town, to see a new show, to find somewhere, anywhere, you didn’t have to share me.

Remember when you held my hand and pulled me closer to you in the seat? Remember when going to concerts and dressing up for dinners out and last minute vacations were the center of our social lives? I remember the drinks, the loud music and intense kisses in hotel elevators.

I remember it all and I love thinking of those memories.

But our life feels so much different now. It’s better in a comfortable way. It’s safe. Relaxed. Not as flashy. It’s easy like a Sunday morning, as Lionel says.

Now, we’re a team, a union. We’ve made a life together that means something. We share a home, and spirituality and values that matter. We’ve raised our kids together and thank God they’ve turned out exactly as they should be — exceptional.

I love the time we share in the morning over cup of coffee — before life distracts us, before responsibilities pull us away.

I love that though our struggles and problems, you’re still here...sitting beside me, figuring a way to work it out.

I love our kitchen table and the meals our family shares. I love holidays and decorating and making our house a home.

I love the laughter and I love our tears.

I love that fights don’t mean the end — arguments force us to raise our standards, grow stronger and do better for our family and for each other. We are showing our teens that disagreements aren’t fatal, humans are flawed and what makes the difference is grace and forgiveness...and with us, never taking ourselves too seriously. I love when we’s when I find you, really see you and remember.

Someday, it’ll be just the two of us again and I hope you’ll take me away...and be romantic like it was before...And now, because of everything we’ve shared and’ll be so much better. ❤️


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