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Find Something Outside Of Mom-ing to Make You Feel Whole

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Mom-ing, the job no one has a degree in, but the most important job you will ever have. Mom-ing, also a job that can be lonely at times. If you don’t have kids, spend an entire day with a severely drunk-to-the-level-of-slurring-on-the-verge-of-puking friend—and tell me how you feel when the day is done. My guess is, you will feel exhausted, slightly agitated, covered in puke or god knows what (but it’s sticky and smells); and so, happy your friend is finally in bed sleeping. Even though you are around a human, that particular human interaction can be very draining.

Okay, this may be “the worst day scenario” but, the point is, mom-ing ain't easy.

As mom's, we are guiding these little people. We are their fierce leader.

But here’s the secret that you won’t uncover until you become one,

Us moms are never entirely sure what we are doing.

We can't even wholly gage if we are doing a good job. We are learning as we go, and that is terrifying.

This is why I think it is so important to have something outside of mom-ing that makes your heart sing.

Let’s face it, every day of being a mommy will be filled with ups and downs--spaghetti in the face moments, followed by sweet moments where you are embraced into a hug. You can’t depend on other people to make you happy, even if they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. These little people won’t make you feel good about yourself day in and day out. Yes, most days they will, but not all days. I can guarantee that. Because honestly, no one will.

Find that happiness within.

Find something that makes YOU feel complete.

Find something that makes you look beyond the mirror to feel good. Because mama, you won’t have time to exercise like you used to or if you do, you may still not look the same—a stretch mark here and there, is a fair trade for a beautiful gift. The best way to appreciate this new body is to embrace all that it does, not only for your kids, but for that hobby that makes you feel whole.

Find that something that makes your eyes twinkle with pride. Find that something that makes you want to get up, excited to finish the next day, because you know it’s time to start again.

I have learned in my time on earth, as much as people enrich your life, you make your own happiness. And mama, that includes life with kids too.

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