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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Find Something Good

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“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day” – unknown

My husband and I choose to both work full time jobs Monday through Friday so that we could be together as a family nights and weekends. We love being able to both tackle the good the bad and the ugly together. We love that we can be there for swim and dance and soccer each weekend day. But with that comes a balancing act during the week that requires a lot of planning and organization. It means that if I want any time to myself, any time to start the day off calm and in the right space, I have to schedule it! With a 3 year old and 5 year old, that’s means pushing myself to get up at 5am and hope for a half hour (even 15 minutes will do!) to reflect and meditate. I aim to start each day with time to myself to reflect on the good I hope to find in each new day. Where can I look for the good today when those challenges inevitably rear their heads?

I make my coffee in the quiet and sit in my calm space. I spend a few minutes in a page of my Gratitude Journal. Each page starts with a short quote and space to think about 2 things. What am I grateful for today? And what will I conquer today? Then I spend 10 minutes doing the “Daily Calm” meditation on my Calm app. That is what I need to prepare me for the day and allow me to get started on the “tasks” of the day.

My workdays start in the car after drop offs and end in the car at pickup times. In between it is hectic and nonstop, leaving me only small moments of time to pause and make sure that I eat and breathe. For me, just stopping to breathe gives the space and time to also remind me to “find the ‘good’ today”.

Evenings are full of dinner, bedtime and planning/organizing to do it all over again tomorrow. When the house is finally quiet, moderately picked up, and ready for tomorrow, that is when I stop to look back at it all. What great things happened today, where did I find the good? That is where I hope we can all find ourselves at the end of the day and where I hope to make use of this space! I hope we can all take time to share where did we find the “something good” today?

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day” – unknown

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