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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Fighting all the time.

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As a special needs mom, you have so many things that a 'typical' mom doesn't have to encounter.

2ac57c30fe4fd0aa1d52cd8b571bc40f44a55293.jpgFighting - you are always having to fight. Fight for services. Fight for answers. Fight for understanding. Your child is not 'bad' ... so when they are having a melt down it's not something they can help. But everyone judges you. You are not trying to put 'more' things wrong on your child when you are looking for a 'reason' something is happening. You are trying to gain understanding so that you can get help. You don't want everyone to point out everything 'wrong' with your child; you just want them to see your child for who they are and not their diagnosis or their inabilities.

Loving - you are always loving your child; even if at times you may not like them very much. This is much like a 'typical' parent, but a typical parent doesn't go through the melt downs that could result in personal injury. The SN mom does this, take the hits, and wonders what they can do better. How they can be a better mom. How they can help others understand their child to gain the acceptance that all children and parents secretly search for.

Celebratory - as a typical parent, you celebrate each milestone; first food, first step, etc. As a SN parent, you truly understand the HUGE accomplishment for each milestone. You celebrate EACH first step - because there have been multiple due to regressions. You celebrate EACH new food they are willing to try - there is only so much chicken nuggets you can feed a child, but when that is a preferred food and you are trying to get them to eat anything, you go get the chicken nuggets. And you celebrate EACH smile and eye contact made. They are far apart and so beautiful to behold.

But mostly, as a SN parent, part of me is happy people acknowledge all the steps I go through for my child; the doctors, the therapies, etc. BUT, I would love it if people would stop saying "How do you do it" ... wouldn't you (as a typical parent) do anything for your child? You bring them to piano / flute lessons, you get them tutors, etc. Same thing, just different reasons.

A Special Needs parent is just like every other parent. They love their children. They do everything for their children. And they are trying to figure out when they have time for themselves.

A Special Needs parent is so DIFFERENT from every other parent. They have to fight for everything. The privilege for an education. The privilege for acceptance. The fight for answers. The fight for services.

But ... I wouldn't change a thing about my very special little one! She is my everything.

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