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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Fear will not silence us.

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Persons of influence rarely talk about the reality of our struggles as human beings. It is hard to share our deepest hurts and vulnerabilities because then people see the you that is unseen. People see your humility. People see your struggle. People see your weakness. People see your insecurities.

A voice in our head says "what will they think of me?"

Our realization of our brokeness leads us to our freedom and sharing gives others a voice who otherwise hide in silence, so why do we fear this?

"Maybe if you were healed you would quit writing about being broken. You need to stop writing about being broken. You just need to stop writing."

This was truly said to me not long ago. This is exactly why we fear being transparent. There are people out there who want to take your vulnerability and smash it and stomp on it in front of your very eyes. And they absolutely will, no doubt about it.

It crushed me inside. I was emersed with a lifetime of rejection and feeling not good enough. But honestly, in the grand scheme of life, what matters more? Giving one person the comfort to know they are not alone and the courage to share as well....OR going back to silence because your truth makes someone uncomfortable and angry?

I choose the first option. I choose sincerely sharing to give just one person the courage to no longer be silent. I choose to ignore the haters who would prefer to pretend they are only just a little less than perfect and not as dirty as I. I choose to not let fear silence me. I choose transparency because there is enough fake in this world. I choose empowering other voices.

I choose to embrace my brokeness because freedom is found in that broken place.

I choose weakness because it is there that God's grace is perfected.

If not your voice, then who's?

.fear will not silence us.

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