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Father-Son Bonding: Four great Ideas for Time Together

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Spending some quality time with your family is very important since your kids look up to you, and it’s very good for them if you manage to be their role model. Bonding with your kids shouldn’t be that hard, you’ll just need to manage your time in a better way, so every minute of your spare time can be directed toward your kids. If you want to be a good and respected father, you’ll have to find enough time for your son and show him you are his best friend and lifelong support. In order to do that right, go ahead and read the text below, and hopefully, those ideas will get you inspired into building a strong bond with your son.

Teach him to drive a car and ride a bike

Depending on your son’s age, you should engage in teaching him a few skills he’ll need in his life. While he’s just a kid, around 6 or 7, it would be great if you bought him a bike and help him learn to ride it. Your little one will be happy and thankful, and that’s the best way of finding yourself a biking buddy for life. Another, very important skill is driving a car. Once your son hits adolescence he’ll want to learn to drive, and it’s much better than you’re watching over him while doing so, instead of stealing your car and doing it by himself. Both this skills will help your son to become a free and autonomous person, and those traits will help him to go through life with ease.

Play some video games

New generations are simply in love with modern technology and you should give your best to stay connected with them. The best way of doing that is asking your son to let you play some video games with him. Most of the other parents usually don’t want to engage in this activity, so you can be a cool one by playing with your son. He’ll be super happy to see you fail at his favorite game and you’ll gain some unforgettable father-son bonding moments.

Make music together

If you’re already playing a musical instrument, go ahead and teach your son to play another one, so you two can start a famous family band. If you don’t know how to play, you can sign up for classes and take your son with you. While learning to play, you’ll spend a lot of time together, talk about the music and your bond will strengthen. Music touches people’s hearts and sometimes it’s easier to communicate with instruments. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Watch a game together

Men usually bond during some important sports events. If you’re into sport, teach your kid to love it as well, so you can support your favorite teams together. It would be great if two of you go to see a game in your city at least once a week. If that’s not possible, feel free to make some barbecue, call over a few friends and watch 49ers game online. Sport is a great way to learn about winning and losing, strategy and fair play, so go ahead and teach your son about that.

Final thoughts

The ideas described above are just some of the many father-son activities that can help you bond with your kid. Of course, you have your own habits and interests, so you can go with them as well. In the end, it is only important to spend some quality time with your son, so he can see you’ll be there for him for whatever he needs.

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