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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

​Family Resolutions for a Better School Year

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A new year, a new you! New Year's resolutions often focus on fitness or finances, but what about education? Help your family succeed in 2016 by strengthening the focus on education responsibility throughout all members. If your entire household is dedicated to the cause, the school year should run a bit smoother.

With the year still young, try one or all of the below resolutions to keep your family on track for a great school year.

Ditch Procrastination

It’s time to stop procrastinating. Explain to your students that the entire family will ditch the habit by taking care of to-dos as they come—not right before they are due. Lead by example to get the family focused on being proactive; if you showcase your dedication to the change through household chores and other responsibilities, your students may be more willing to do the same with their homework.

Designate Homework/Study Time

Pick a homework time for the household. If every school day at, say, 4 p.m. becomes homework time, the house should quiet down during that period and the students should be able to focus without distraction. Putting all students in the household on a similar homework schedule may help make designated homework time a habit instead of a passing phase. Additionally, working in the right environment may not only help your students concentrate, but perhaps be able to complete homework faster. Now that’s a win-win!

Put Everything in its Place

It doesn’t matter how great the schedule is if your students can’t find their homework or school supplies. Make organization a household habit so homework—and, likewise, your work—is always accessible. You can make organization a bit more fun by letting your students pick their own organization supplies, such as binders, folders, or clips. Fun colors or patterns may add interest and appeal to young students.

Focus on Long-Term Goals

Remember that education is a marathon, not a sprint. Help your family focus on knowledge retention by making studying part of the lifestyle—not simply a cramming session before each exam. By adding studying and homework into the daily routine, subjects may be able to stick to memory better than simply reviewing everything at the last minute. Those benefits should then make future homework easier. It’s a domino effect on the way to better grades (and a better school year)!

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