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Family Resolutions for 2017

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Family Resolutions for 2017

As students will be enjoying their holiday break away from school, many parents will be reflecting on how they can make some family resolutions for the New Year. Although some parents may be very pleased with how they’ve handled various situations in their child’s lives, others may want to make some changes. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to assess how they plan more family events, improve time management and be proud of themselves. Here are five Family Resolutions for 2017:

1.Create Resolutions Together

As parents are creating their own resolutions, this can be an excellent time to involve the entire family in the process. It can help by opening up communication lines and building relationships among children and their parents. It might be a good idea to ask all family members for their input on new goals for their family. Even younger children can come up with some resolutions such as “I will pick up my clothes” and “I will make sure my room is clean.” When families make resolutions it is important that everyone commits to them by doing weekly monitoring and check-ins on progress.

2.Make Balance A Key

One resolution families can establish is making balance a key. Parents are very busy with work, students keep up with grades and participating in extra-curricular activities, and it can be challenging to juggle everyone’s demanding schedule. Families can put together a calendar of all the responsibilities and place it in a central location within their homes that everyone can review daily. It can be extremely helpful if children and parents keep a routine because it helps with consistency. Sometimes, events get cancelled due to poor weather or unforeseen occurrences and that is totally fine. It is important to be flexible and open to changes.

3.Establish Activity Days

Another resolution might be coming with up with activity days that the whole family can participate in such as game night, going to the movies, and skiing. Parents may want to create a day and time that matches their children’s schedule to make sure everyone is involved in the event. When parents and students do fun events together, it can provide an avenue to open up with each other about topics that they sometimes find are difficult to discuss such as troubles with friends, in school problems and personal issues. Oftentimes, it helps families to learn more about their interests, likes/dislikes, and strengths.

4.Incorporate Family Life Skills

Families may want to incorporate some goals that involve taking care of themselves as well as each other. For example, one of the parents may be the cook in the household. It can be a good life skill to get the whole family involved in preparing the meals together such as setting the table, making a salad, and doing the dishes after dinner. Life skills can be doing chores together. These chores can include: cleaning up the house, organizing the garage and yard, and shoveling snow. If it is too cold outside, it is a perfect opportunity to teach children how to manage money such as a balancing a checkbook, how to save, and give to people in need.

5.Get Re energized

As 2017 is rapidly approaching, it can help families to get re energized for the New Year. With a new year, comes new opportunities to grow together and make it the best ever! As families make resolutions, it’s important to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. They may even want to create a journal of the short and long term goals they would like to work on as a unit. Even making it a yearly tradition can make a lasting memory for all. Families getting excited for the New Year can build positive communication with each other and their communities, and grow in ways they never imagined.

Happy New Year!!

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