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Fall School Event Ideas for Parent Leaders

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As a parent leader, you are responsible to help ensure that the school year is a successful one, by helping to organize activities outside of regular classes. Fall is a great time of year for events, because it is still somewhat warmish outside, and there are loads of fun things that you can plan that everyone will enjoy, no matter what their age. Here are some great ideas for fall school event ideas for parent leaders.

1.Crafts Night

Set up a crafts night where families can get together and work on fall-themed craft projects. Be sure to have plenty of crafting supplies on hand. Or, ask parents and students to bring along some of their own supplies, and this will make your event a lot less expensive.

2. Book Swap

Encourage reading, and get everyone together with a fun book swap. This is an inexpensive event that tends to draw in the crowds, because people know they can get free books. This is a great way to get new books for kids that they haven’t read, and encourage them to read more.

3. Cafeteria Potluck

Food is always a great way to bring people together, and an inexpensive way to use food in this way is to hold a potluck dinner in the cafeteria. Everyone can bring in their own special dish. Ask people who are attending to bring in dishes that represent their family heritage.

4. Cook-Offs

These days, kids are really getting into cooking. Why not set up a cooking challenge for families? Some ideas include chili cook-offs, or even cook-offs for stews, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and just about any other type of food you can think of.

5. Sports Banquet

Student athletes deserve special recognition, and a great way to give it to them is to host a sports banquet at the end of the sports seasons. You can work with parents and coaches to plan an event to be remembered.

6. Community Service

An event that can help the entire community is always a great idea. You may want to consider planning a canned food drive, a clothing drive, a school supplies drive, or another type of community project that everyone can get into. Be sure to promote the event well, to be sure that the event will be a huge success. Cheap 1" Buttons are a great way to promote community events.

7. Math or Science Day

Give credit where credit is due and showcase the math and science skills of the students. You can set up a fun day of math and/or science activities for students, organize a science fair, etc. Offer hands-on learning that will interest both students and parents. You may even want to plan the event to take place at a museum or in a real-life setting.

8. Tailgating Party

Who doesn’t love a good tailgating party? This is something that can be loads of fun for all ages, and you can plan accordingly, depending on the age group of the students who will be attending. Get tickets to a football game, plan a party, hold contests (best signs, best banners, best team spirit, etc.), and have a ball dressed in team colors.

9. Arts Showcase

Let everyone see how talented the students are by showcasing their artistic endeavors. This can include drawings, paintings, music, and anything else that shows their talents. Be sure to coordinate this type of event with the music and art teachers.

10. Olympics Day

Set up a field day or an Olympics day with fun activities that are sports-themed, but not overly complicated. Plan several events for the day, and be sure to have prizes, ribbons, or trophies on hand for all of the winners. Make sure that the activities are fun for all ages.

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