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Explaining Easter with a Marshmallow: Our weirdest holiday tradition.

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We used to make these “resurrection rolls” back in the day. Yes, they sound creepy as all get out but humor me here. I remember them being fun from my own childhood so I thought Caleb would get a kick out of them. The goal is to wrap a marshmallow that represents Jesus (yep) in cinnamon sugar and crescent roll dough. Then cook the tomb…when you bite into the roll the marshmallow has risen…disappeared. The theology is still fuzzy for me.


Step one: Set out bowls of Jesuses (jumbo marshmallows), burial spices ( cinnamon sugar), pop open a tube of tombs ( crescent roll dough). If this isn’t already weirding you out I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Step 2: Stab marshmallow-Jesus with a fork and dip him in melted butter. Then dip buttery Jesus in the cinnamon sugar…burial spices, remember? Work with me. Confirm to your child that yes, this is a bit creepy.

Step 3: Place spicy Jesus into the uncooked tomb dough and wrap him up, real snug like. This is key- seal up the crap out of that tomb. No holes. Remember that giant stone they put in front of the tomb? It needs to be that secure. You don’t want any marshmallow Jesus escaping until the proper time. Listen to your 6 year old complain that he can’t fit Jesus into the tomb. The tomb is too floppy. He just can’t. Help.

Step 4: Cook at 350 for 12 minutes. Or until the marshmallow has melted all over your cookie sheets from the tombs that weren’t sealed up enough. Burn yourself trying to get the escaped Jesuses off the cookie sheet and onto a plate. Put more butter and burial spices on top. Allow the tombs to cool. Yell at children that the tombs aren’t ready to eat yet. Jesus needed 3 days, for the love of marshmallows- give me 30 minutes.


Step 5: Film your child awkwardly while they open up the tomb and realize that marshmallow-Jesus is gone! Feel good about yourself for a hot second- I’m teaching my kid about the Bible(however creepily). Satisfied sigh.

Step 6: Have your bubble burst when your 6-year-old leans in and says – “mom, I know Jesus just melted because it’s hot in the oven.” But secretly be proud because he knows about Jesus and science.

Step 7: Eat spicy marshmallow-Jesus empty tomb rolls for lunch.

Happy Easter, friends.

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