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Challenge: Get Happy!

Every impressive mom I know is hungry and working her arse off

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Motherhood makes us tired.

I know.

We are all so exhausted, and we will share that information with just about


willing to tune in to complain hour.

But, what if I told I changed the monologue.


That's the new declaration.

And, I'm not talking about leftover dino nuggets, fistfuls of MnM's, sushi boats on date night and peanut butter right from the jar though all of that sounds f*ckin delicious right now.

Here's what I mean --

Now, more than ever, women who have had children are not just hiding out at home. Instead, they are unabashedly seeking out their purpose, which very well may be to keep their carcass in that messy home, loving and helping to develop the single or varied-aged nuggets that inhabit it, but for some takes them out that front door (and not to Target).

Every flippin' impressive mom friend I have is working her arse to figure out what she enjoys and what gives her life meaning and





And, what's even more unbelievable is that these same women are finding ways -- amidst all the time-consuming stress of motherhood, work, marriage and self-improvement -- to not only maintain their drive to feel fulfilled, but sharing their journies, lessons, advice and stories with buttloads of other women who are inspiring them by doing the same.

Do you know why this is happening in droves?

Because mothers are hungry.

We are hungry for joy — the self-curated, unpurchasable kind.

We are hungry for balance, and since we don't know what true balance tastes like, we accept however it's delivered to us on any given day.

We are hungry for time with our babes because we're all well-aware of time's fleeting nature.

We are hungry for our spouse, and with busy schedules, time with one another is as delicious as a slice of molten chocolate cake when you've been dieting.

We are hungry for adventure and by golly, who knew parenthood was going to be such a confusing yet exciting one.

We are hungry for our lives to be ones that in some small way, make others' lives better.

We are hungry for personal growth.

We are hungry for changes to be made in society.

We are hungry for better education for our children and equal pay (and respect) for women.

We are hungry to feel safe.

We are hungry to feel accepted.

We are hungry for authentic friendships.

We are hungry, and we are determined to satisfy our needs and not apologize for it.

And do you want to know why?

Because when mama is hungry, mama's going to find a way to get what she needs to her nourish herself and keep on keeping on.

Us, mamas, we don't get hangry anymore.


We just forcefully go after whatever the hell feeds our soul at any given moment, and we keep beastin' our way forward toward daily happiness and our ideal lives.

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