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Challenge: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Equal Parts Dream Maker & Heart Breaker

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Via Falco on Pixabay

This machine is a dream maker.

This machine is a heart breaker.

It can show you the answers to your prayers.

It can show you your worst nightmares.

The gentle whoosh, whoosh, whoosh is music to your ears. T

he lack of it is the realization of your worst fears.

The tech smiles as she finds your baby's sex.

The tech freezes as her face reads what she suspects.

From the machine you are handed black and white photos.

From the machine you watch as time slows.

You are wished congratulations and a warm smile.

You are offered condolences and left in an empty room a while.

In the exam room the doctor talks of delivery options and due dates.

In the exam room the doctors talks of unwanted surgeries and miscarriage occurrence rates.

You walk out of the door thinking of how to tell family and can't say you've ever been so happy.

You walk out the door thinking of how to tell family and can't say you've ever been so unhappy.

This machine has offered so many mamas a glimpse of the life she carries within.

This machine has shown so many mamas what she has lost and what could've been.

Who knew one piece of equipment could do so much.

Offer up hope, faith, love, sadness, anger, and hate.

No matter which side of it you are on, there are other mamas that have been on one side or the other, and sometimes both.

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