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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

End of year thank you to all the teachers

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I’m no stranger to the work load of the classroom and the countless hours spent in there off the clock. But as we wrapped up yet another school year, and the stacks of papers, projects, and supplies started making their last trip home that I was reminded of all the love that sat on my kitchen counter at the end of the school year.

Teachers pour their love, heart, time, and mind into our babies every single day. I think the last thing on the long list of why teachers do what they do, would be a paycheck. Because Lord knows they aren’t compensated nearly enough.

So as I sorted through the notebooks and supplies, that I know I didn’t purchase at the beginning of the school year, I am filled with so much gratitude for our teachers. Papers covering every subject and even topics fostering gratitude and kindness. Topics that I’m certain aren’t on the state requirements, but our teachers know all too well how important and needed those lessons still are. So they spend extra time researching and collaborating; finding ways to prepare our kids to reach their own individual potentials. They spend their own, very inadequate, paychecks putting resources back into their classrooms and into the lives of our kids.

Each paper sent home throughout the year has meaning and importance. Each paper provides a foundation for the next step; the next thought out lesson to come. They know that what these kids actually need isn’t always on the lesson plan.

These papers represent hours spent I know that my child is love on during the day. I know that all they are given is a blank classroom with blank walls, desks and chairs. The image our kids see when they walk in represents countless hours spent during the previous summer, and on nights and weekends carefully writing each name on brightly colored paper, decorating the walls to increase learning.

These papers represent money spent. I know all too well that the 8 requested glue sticks are long gone by December. These papers have colorful stamps, and fun stickers. These papers represent all the supplies purchased that fill the teacher’s desk, because I know the supplies I have purchased only go to the kids.

These papers represent love and thoughtful care. I know that teachers stay up way too late and wake up way too early thinking about their students. They come up with creative ideas of new ways to reach the, once thought, unreachable. I know they make the scared kids feel safe, and the worried kids feel secure. They give hugs and care for skinned knees.

I know that there’s so much more that goes into the life of a teacher than this stack of papers that comes home in my kid’s binder. So thank you, from the bottom of this mama’s heart. Thank you for all that you have done from last summer to this summer, and every night and weekend in between for our babies.

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