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Encouraging Children to Aim High Requires Helping Them Get There

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As society makes inroads into the 21st century, it’s apparent we still need architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and a number of other highly specialized professionals to keep things up and running. With this in mind, parents ought to continue to encourage their children to aim for these and similarly top-flight career paths.

Yet genuine parental encouragement and pressure on our kids to get good grades - while critical - will not be enough. Parents need to provide a mentor-like role when it comes to their child’s desire to plot a life trajectory toward an exceptional career path. This doesn’t mean steering them into the career you want to see them in, but rather providing honest and practical advice for them to better their odds of achieving their goals.

Furthermore, you should also teach them how they can engage in finding work after law school, medical school, or earning their IPAL, and how to survive if they don't get their dream jobs right away. The following are some points that you can stress to them about becoming a lawyer, doctor, architect, or something similar:

Craft a Strategic Learning Plan

A strategic learning plan is one that will allow your child to obtain employment in a job that's slightly under the goal while education is underway. For example, working part-time or full-time as a paralegal during law school and alternating between the two throughout the week. Paralegals know a great deal about the law, and they sometimes work closely with the clients than the attorneys even do.

Take the Learning as Far as Possible

The higher the education, the farther your child can go. If the finances allow it, he should strive to get a Ph.D. A master's is ideal if he can't afford the Ph.D. Each degree stage will give him access to a new tier of possible job opportunities, so he should go as far as he can go.

Be Persistent and Personable

Tell your child that he needs to be persistent and personable. Simply getting good grades will not land him a doctor's role or position in a posh law firm. Sometimes the dire need for professionals in a certain position doesn't even get them the job. What he needs is patience, persistence, and a personality that patients, co-workers, and upper management will love. If he has those elements along with his good grades, he can go far in his career.

Be Willing to Work Blue Collar Jobs

Is your child willing to work blue collar jobs until he succeeds in his field? Is he willing to work menial jobs? Times are so difficult that he may be forced to do that one day. The good news is that other people will see his resilience, and some of those people may hold the keys to the job that he wants.

Be Patient and Steadfast

Patience is a virtue. It may take many years before your child to get into a full-time lucrative position as a doctor, lawyer or architect. He has to know how to push forward even when things seem hopeless. There will be a way.

Those are just a few points that you can make to your children to ensure that they obtain a well-rounded education and that they make a smart decision when they seek that education. They can survive in this life if they're smart, and they can have a bright work future indeed.

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