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Emojis Speak Louder Than Words

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Emoji (pedia)….Google it - I dare you.

Since there have been a lot of comments and questions coming my way about tech….so I thought I’d bridge the gap a bit on the good old emojis…because I didn’t realize they have specific meanings….

Who comes up with these, anyway?

But I will tell you that you can google ‘Emojipedia’ and it will give you the latest and great list of emojis and what they mean…hopefully they won’t include these with the sign portion of the drivers test when you renew your license…or I think ‘women in the middle’ might be in trouble…

So…I decided to create my own meaning for the most popular emojis…and make them relatable to this phase of life… after 40 and beyond….

Maybe it can a movement…maybe we can start texting these to each other and if it really takes off…I just know we could get someone like Ellen Degeneres on board. She already has created some fantastic emojis…..Or the Today Show....I think people would find these relatable.


So here we go ladies…

Raise your glass….(not your glasses) to the emojis for ‘the middle’

😀 Grinning Face

I have the day to myself and I’m having champagne with lunch, come join me

🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing

I laughed so hard….you know the rest….

(This is the best position for ‘no leakage’ when we laugh)

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face

I have the half the day to myself and I’m having champagne with lunch come, join me

😆 Grinning Squinting Face

I think your story is hilarious…I’m just trying to make out the words on the menu

😅 Grinning Face With Sweat

I think your story is hilarious and I’m in the midst of a hot flash or I’m on vacation and I actually had to ‘poop’…it’s going to be a good day!

😏 Smirking Face

Really….another boutique fitness place moved into town

🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes

Really…..she definitely eats carbs…who doesn’t

😳 Flushed Face

Yup…hot flash

😣 Persevering Face

I am making it through this barre class even if I can’t walk for 3 days

🤙 Call Me Hand

Just thought this one might be a new ‘cool’ woman 40+ thing to text your kids…it looks cool at least ( I guarantee they won’t know what it is…so it’s kind of a woman in the middle mystery to them)

💅 Nail Polish

I am definitely getting a manicure today (and having champagne with lunch)

🤳 Selfie

Bring it on. Just hold it a little higher….wait….I’m not in it….wait…which button do I push. What’s air drop….how do I send it that way?

💪 Flexed Biceps

Did I tell you about this new boutique fitness place in town…meet for lunch and we’ll celebrate with champagne

👩 Woman


👵 Old Woman

Really, really?????

🤦‍♀️ Woman Facepalming

Where did I leave my keys? Where are my glasses…oh..they’re on my head.

🤷 Person Shrugging

I told my kids they had to make their own dinner…want to grab dinner and a glass of wine

💆‍♀️ Woman Getting Massage

Do not disturb me for one hour, please!

👓 Glasses

Did you see there’s this subscription thing where you can order a new pair of cheaters every month….

I’m going to keep you guessing…because just wait…I’ve got another post that will give us all ‘the deets’ on what the heck a # is…and why use them…and clue you into some of the most commonly used acronyms for text……WTH….IGC (that would be…what the heck…I’m going crazy)

So I’ll leave you with this teaser….


Go Forth and Be Awesome!



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