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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

Easy (Lazy) and Creative (Sort of) Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

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Are you pregnant and ready to tell the world, yet you are so physically exhausted from growing another human being that you don’t have the energy to think of something somewhat clever to post on social media? Do you feel like a giant cow most of the time and dread getting in front of the camera? Are you tired of the wondering glances from co-workers and associates trying to gauge if you are knocked up or just packing on the pounds? Never fear. Here are some relatively easy yet sort of creative ways to tell people you slightly know, used to know, and vaguely know that you will be bringing life into this world.

1. Use Food Items

Open your pantry or fridge door and you’re bound to find some inspiration. Baby carrots, Baby corn, baby snow peas. Or, at the very least, a can of spaghetti sauce with just the right name.

Post-Its added just in case the reference isn’t obvious

Step 1: Open Oven; Step 2: Place Bun in Oven

2. Use the Actual Baby

It’s his/her announcement, might as well make the baby do it. Note: sometimes sonogram pictures aren’t very clear, so you might have to tell people it’s a baby. Other note: sometimes sonogram pictures are so clear you might need to cover certain portions up in order to comply with Facebook modesty rules.

Now you just have to teach him/her to do the taxes.

3. Use Your Other Kids

Whether you have human babies or fur babies, bring them in on the fun. What better way is there to announce something cute and adorable than with someone else cute and adorable? Caution: your subjects might not actually work with you. This requires patience. Or for you to give up and turn to something else. (See next suggestion)

4. Use Pictures of Inanimate Objects

Did your 2-year-old decide that he would much rather throw a temper tantrum and then stand on the coffee table rather than hold baby books at just the right angle for you to take the perfect picture? Never fear. Just take a picture of the objects themselves. These books say everything that needs to be said.

5. Incorporate Your Partner

Since you’ll be the one doing most of the baby work for the next couple months, make him take on this responsibility. It will give him a chance to express his true feelings about this miraculous time.

6. Don’t Announce Anything

Just leave people wondering. Then when a picture of you holding a newborn shows up on Facebook, everyone will be so surprised. Or post an obviously pregnant picture of yourself but don’t mention said pregnancy and just dare someone to say something.

Note: You are going to have to accept the fact that you look like an elephant in every photo you will take.

7. Embrace the Cheesiness

Don’t be embarrassed if you suddenly want to post a ridiculously cheesy or sentimental photo. You’re pregnant. Like a seat on the metro or a designated parking spot, you’ve earned it. (Also, it’s probably the hormones. It’s why you tear up during Subaru commercials too.) Nobody is going to make fun of you (to your face) about your cheesy pregnancy post. And if they do, just give them the pregnant-lady death stare.

(I can’t help it. I love a horrible pun.)

8. Make A Blog Post About Pregnancy Announcements And Then Post It On Facebook And Then See If People Actually Read It And Figure Out You Are Making A Pregnancy Announcement.

Okay, so this one isn’t as easy. In fact, I don’t really recommend it.

Big announcement, little announcement, no announcement. In the end, it’s up to you. So don’t worry about impressing people or having them make fun of you. At the end of the day, you are experiencing something wonderful (and tiring and confusing and emotionally draining) and that is worth celebrating however you choose.

We are so ready for this baby.

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