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Challenge: Reading Together

Dragon Eyes - A story of compassion, peace and love

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I love, love, love this book. Not only is it an absolutely stunning children's book, but it tells such a wonderful message.

Reading with my children is so important to me. I can still remember laying in the grass as a 6 year old dreaming about the day I could become an author because words have the power to transport you to another place. Reading can be an escape from reality or an opportunity to inspire imagination. But also an opportunity to learn a lesson.

It's talented authors, like Liz Palmieri-Coonley, to share an engaging story that teaches lessons of compassion, peace and love. To write in a way that a child can relate, but so can the adults.

Combined with the beautiful illustrations, this book is my go to gift for all the children in my life. The wonderful story and beautiful illustrations makes this a captivating book.

Because reading was so powerful to me as a child and something I've tried to pass on to my children, I love to gift children with books.

From Amazon: "Char Lo Mein is a wise and compassionate dragon who presides over and protects the village of Tuking. As the years pass, his scales begin to flake off, his bones turn brittle, and he knows he must soon find someone who can replace him as the village guardian. Out of all the villagers, the wise old dragon chooses Chou Ling—a ten-year-old girl.

Chou Ling is already highly skilled in the art of judo, but Char Lo Mein sees something even more important when he looks at her—a pure heart. Reminding her of his teachings about peace, love, and compassion, the dying dragon advises Chou Ling on how important it is to choose the way of love to heal the world and protect the people he’s leaving in her care. But when the dragon is gone—she’ll still just be a ten-year-old girl, only this time she’ll be alone. Did Char Lo Mein choose the right person? Can Chou Ling fulfill her promise?"

The author wrote the story as a kid herself and as an adult had it illustrated and created a book.


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