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Don't Want To Forget This

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I snapped this photo at 3:30 AM because I never want to forget this.

I never want to forget the way our babies find comfort in our presence after a terrible dream.

I never want to forget the way that my daughter follows me into the bathroom as I brush my teeth or the way she smacks her lips when I put lipgloss on.

I never want to forget the way my son begs to pull a chair over to the counter when I’m cooking so he can help. Or look to see if I’m using chocolate chips that he can sneak into his mouth.

I never want to forget the way they unfold the laundry 599 times when I’m trying to get it all folded and put away.

I never want to forget the way they make it nearly impossible to have a normal conversation with my husband.

I never want to forget the way I miss them when they are finally tucked in their beds after a tiring or stressful day.

Mama — the days are loooong. But they are growing up too stinkin’ fast. Don’t let the phase they are in be wished away.

Soak it in and absorb it the way we take in the aroma of fresh chocolate chip cookies, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or a clean load of laundry.

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