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Don't Judge Me for How I Keep My Home

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SONY DSC Do not judge me for the dishes in my sink when the dishwasher is full and I chose to sit down and ​play a game with my kids instead of wash dishes.

Do not judge me for the piles of ​unfolded laundry in every room because I chose to make my children a ​nutritious meal rather than pop something in the microwave to save time.

Do not judge me for my crumby kitchen counters, I promise they are clean enough to eat off of.

Do not judge me for the toys strewn through every room for I did not make the mess and ​cleaning up is a daily battle I choose to fight but that I don't always win.

SONY DSC Do not judge me for my toilet paper not being hung up on the wall because if it is, my kids can't reach it when they need to go.

Do not judge me for the ​books  that are everywhere the eye can see, I am just thankful that my children love to read and that I have the time to spend reading with them.

Do not judge me for the ​cat fur that is everywhere because all the vacuuming in the world won't take care of all of it and those kitties bring my kids more joy than anything in the world.

Do not judge me for our unmade beds, it just shows that we slept well and are enjoying our bits of time together until we are ready to return there.

Do not judge me for how I keep my home, I have three kids under this roof. Three kids who learn here, laugh here, play here, grow here, and love here. Three kids who do much more than live here.


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