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Don’t Forget to Make Room for the Fun

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When was the last time you and your kids had fun together?

As we head back to school, we will spend so much of our time in the throes of the daily grind. Alarms and wake-ups; carpools and car lines; homework and activities. We go. And go.

To repeat.

During those times we tend to get short, our patience thin. There’s little time for carefree, kicking back. Just hanging out time.

When they were younger, every simple task was exhausting. Just getting out the door without someone coming unglued was a miracle; eating breakfast and getting shoes and socks on required ten tons of snacks, bribes, and rest breaks.

Now, there’s moments like these. We throw routine out the window and replace it with play.



These are the experiences I want to freeze in time. But not only because they can zip their own jackets, buckle their own boots, wipe their own noses, carry their own crap.

Lord knows, I haven’t forgotten how hard every single one of those tasks seemed only a short time ago.

It’s because the days like today we shred down the mountain, sometimes chilling at the top of the summit simply to soak it all in that will forever be etched in my heart. Whether we stop to take a silly selfie or eat some snow, I appreciate it. While moving through the fog and into the next chapter.

Times have changed.

And, I know it.

The kids make it down the mountain, on their own. Sometimes, cautiously. Other times with reckless abandon. At times, we wait half-way for each other to catch up. And then there’s the moments we zip on by, letting the others eat-our-dust.

In the end. We meet at the bottom of the mountain. Ready. To head back up and have more fun. These are the days to remember.

Written by Valli Vida Gideons on

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