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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

Does the Real Problem With American Education Exist?

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82122a69bd34faa36f8c7da1ff7e829bd99887fc.jpgThe question of American education is a widely debated topic, and the one which causes much controversy. Many problems have been disused over years, but opinions still remain conflicting. Data show that that US students have an average performance in reading and science, and an above average performance in math.

One of the problems which has been often mentioned is that American education system is producing average students.

But where are other, also important problems in American education today? We will try to answer this question in the article.

Lack of Teacher Motivation

It is widely known that the lack of student motivation represents one of the main problems not only with American, but also other education systems around the world.

However, the lack of teacher motivation and attrition rate of teachers is a problem of equal importance.

One of the underlying problems in American education is the rate of teachers leaving their profession for writing college papers for money. Studies show this rate is very high.

Not Enough Time In The Classroom

Compared to countries such as Korea, China and Japan, US students spend drastically less time in the classroom.

More than half of states require a calendar of 180 days, only two ask for a calendar longer than 180 days while the rest require between 171 and 179 working days in the school colander.

China, for example, requires 221.

Lack of Parental Involvement

The problem of lack of parental involvement is especially evident in middle and high school. This is in direct relation to student performance, as studies show that the more parents are involved in the education process, the better students perform.

Keeping parents involving in the education process has been one of the greatest issues in American education and the one which has not been properly tackled yet.

Lack of Access to Education

Despite the fact that the US spends more on education than other developed states, it remains evident that compared to other developed countries, the US still has a problem of unequal access to education to solve.

Gaping differences in access to education, and still present differences in access to education between white, black and hispanic students still represent a major problem for American education system.

School Violence

Perhaps one of most apparent and worrying problems in American education is school violence. According to statistics for 2011/2012:

  • There were 45 school-associated deaths in elementary and secondary schools.
  • There were 26 homicides, 14 suicides and 5 legal interventions.

In 2013, the rate of violent victimization was higher at schools.

  • Violent victimization rate in 2013 was 37% per 1,000 students at school.
  • In 2011 – 2012, 9% of school teachers have reported being threatened with injury by their students.
  • 5% have reported being physically attacked by their students.

Not Enough Focus on Gifted Students

This has been one of the major problems of American education system and is tightly related to what we have already mentioned of education system producing mediocre students.

Whereas other developed countries heavily focus on providing better education and more opportunities for exceptionally gifted students, US education system has demonstrated the lack of awareness when it comes to giving incentives to gifted students.

Dated Education Techniques

One of the main problems with American education today is that it often fails to cope with the demands of the modern age. Despite some steps being taken in that direction, there is still concern that the education system is training yesterday’s students.

Practical Education Concerns

Many countries have a dual system of education, with one branch being focused on traditional academic education and the other focused on vocational education designed to train and prepare students to enter labor market.

Preparing students for entrepreneurship is thus of crucial importance for developing a practical and flexible education system capable of responding to the need of a modern market economy.

Reforms are Necessary

One thing is certain, most analysts and experts agree that American public education system is in the need of reform.

But the question of direction still remains. Many solutions have been proposed over the years, but here we focus mostly on practical issues aimed at improving functionality and flexibility of American education.

Private/Public Partnership

A link between public education and private entrepreneurship of fundamental importance. It does not only put a strong emphasis on the practical sides of education, it serves to prepare students to enter the market and gives them an insight into new trends and opportunities.

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