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Challenge: Raising Siblings

Does my heart have room for 2?

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When I thought about having another baby, I was terrified. I wanted another baby, a sibling for my oldest. My husband was all for it. My first born was too young to care. Honestly though, I was scared because I wasn’t sure I could love another baby as much as I loved my son. I didn’t want the second baby to feel unloved, neglected, or jealous because I was sure it was impossible to love another child how I loved my son. He was my first born. He was my fighter, my husband’s mini-me, and the second love of my life.

Then I met the third love of my life. She came screaming into this world and that overwhelming, heart exploding love at first sight that I experienced with my first happened again with my second baby as soon as I laid eyes on her. I was so worried about how my heart would find room for her, but it simply grew. My life changed once again as we welcomed this little baby into our family. I was now a mom of two.

While I experienced love at first sight with my daughter, my son didn’t exactly feel the same way about his baby sister, and my worries shifted to how their relationship would be as they grew up together being just two years apart.


Would they always be disinterested in one another?

Would they fight?

Would they even like each other?

I surely was not prepared for the heart melting bond that my two babies would develop. I wasn’t prepared for tiny toddler arms to “hold Sissy.” I wasn’t prepared my little boy to be giving forehead kisses to his baby sister. The love my children display for one another is too pure for words. Their relationship is sweeter than I could have ever imagined.

Of course, they still fight. Sometimes they drive each other absolutely nuts. On several occasions, they have even teamed up against me. But I wouldn’t change a single thing.

When his little sister was first learning how to walk, my son was the one who wanted to hold her hands and guide her. Now that she’s running, he’s the one she wants to chase. If they can find puddles, they’ll be jumping in them together. When my daughter is excited, she’s reaching for her big brother or asking him for a kiss. They’re constantly making my heart grow bigger with their love and affection for one another.

I might have questioned if my heart was ready to love two little ones equally. But that’s just because I had no idea how big the love I would have for both of my kids and their relationship would be. Mama hearts never stop growing. They grow every day as our children grow, as our families get bigger, and as our children love one another.

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