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Do These 3 Things Every Morning When You Wake-Up and Your Productivity will Skyrocket

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There is a reason that so many successful people mention their mornings as the best part of their day. These successful people have one thing in common -- they are the most productive in the AM. This is during those hours immediately after waking up. They also know that the morning gives them an opportunity to kick each day off right.

Keep that good feeling.

The feelings you experience after getting up can stay with you until bedtime. Having those uplifting feelings can be positive if you get off to a good start -- or it can mess up your entire day if you get into a funk.

In order to start the day off well, everybody needs to find their own routine. Regardless of whether you wake up at five or 11 a.m. though, there are things you can do once you are out of bed that will dramatically improve your energy. These habits are known to skyrocket your productivity throughout the day.

Here are three habits, specifically, that you can begin tomorrow.

1. Give your body what it needs to succeed.

Right when you wake up, you should give your body the fuel it needs to stay energized throughout the day.

That starts with water. A main cause of lethargy in the middle of the day is dehydration. Avoid that by drinking a huge cup of water right when you get up. You can even leave a full glass on your bed stand so you do not have to remember.

Then, give your body proper nutrients. Eat a hearty breakfast that contains healthy sugars and fats to get your body going. Everyone needs different nutrients in the morning, but there are common food groups (like fruits and nuts) that are universally deemed effective in the mornings.

Some people also enjoy exercising in the morning. If that works well for you, then motivate yourself to go for it. If you prefer to exercise later in the day, then do five to ten minutes of yoga/meditation at the bare minimum. It will help wake you up and fill your body with energy.

Although these activities take time in the morning, which you might feel like you do not have, they pay large dividends. A healthy morning will give you the energy needed to work hard throughout the entire day. Despite starting an hour later, you will end up accomplishing much more since you will avoid the low points when you can no longer get work done.

2. Look at your day and set goals.

Wake up 10 minutes earlier to look at the day you have ahead and set goals for yourself. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and running between activities without much awareness.

Instead of a constant stress all day about what is coming next, you will know exactly how your schedule looks. Your schedule will enable you to focus on the present moment and be a better performer through each activity you take on.

Plus, setting goals will help you focus on the high-priority things for the day. In spite of the large number of items on your to-do list, writing down your daily goals will help to make sure you knock off the most important ones. This will prevent you from having to stay at work extra late, or working into the night because you forgot to do something critical.

There are many lower-priority things you can push back a few days. By setting goals when you wake up, you will be spending your time on what is most needed. Not to mention, before you even get going, you will know what your day has in store. That eliminates anxiety and allows you to mentally prepare for things that might be more challenging.

3. Do your most challenging work early.

We are most sharp and creative when we wake up since our bodies and minds are rested. That means you should take advantage of the mornings as much as possible. Try to avoid boring meetings, phone calls, and other activities that do not require much mental energy. You should, instead, plan to do your most challenging work early.

You will be able to give these tasks the best focus you have all day. That will allow you to accomplish difficult work more quickly and it will prevent you from putting it off because you do not have the energy later.

This also means you should try to get to work quickly. It is important to set your goals and prepare your body, but, immediately after that, you should start working.

Instead of wasting those precious hours, do what you need to so that you can get going shortly after awakening. After crushing the morning, when you might be more tired later in the day, you can knock out the less mentally stimulating tasks. This will enable you to get done what you need in the most efficient manner.

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