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Do I hear silence after 545 days of kids being home?

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Do you hear that?

wait for it…


Complete and utter silence after 545 days.

Silence billows through the house, as the kids now sit at desks within their classrooms.

The days leading up to this have been filled with anticipation, excitement and anxiety, all bound together and it is enough to pull at every heart string for this mama.

So after 545 long days, I am alone.
Alone in my thoughts.

Alone waiting for their return from school…

Why am I waiting for them to return when for so long I was waiting for them to go back?

I desperately just wanted to be alone, to think for a moment, to breathe and to just live in my own thoughts.

Alone without interruptions.
Alone to do what I wanted to do.

Isn’t it funny how life plays tricks on us?

One moment needing a break, wishing and praying for some space and the next moment yearning and longing for them to be present?

So as I sit alone, missing the interruptions every few minutes, longing to hear their giggles and frustrations erupt as arguments take over, I realize not being alone was a beautiful moment in time.

545 days I will never get back.

545 days to cherish.

545 days stored within my heart.

So after 545 days, I sit and ponder, deep within my own thoughts, listening to the silence embracing my soul.

And maybe that’s just what I need to do for today…

sit and ponder for awhile, knowing life has returned a little bit back to normal after 545 days and for that I am blessed.

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