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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Depression is...

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Depression is…

Depression is trying to hype yourself up to leave your house and socialize but then backing out at the last minute because you’ve got no energy left.

Depression is throwing all of your effort into appearing normal but then falling apart from the weight of it all once you are alone.

Depression is second guessing every text message you receive from friends but then ghosting them because you can’t figure out how to tell them how you really feel.

Depression is being exhausted all the time but being unable to fall asleep because everything just feels too heavy.

Depression is an awareness that your negative thoughts are too loud but not giving yourself permission to ignore them.

Depression is believing you are a burden but not allowing anyone to help you.

Depression is sometimes an almost constant companion in your life.


Depression is not something that defines you.

Depression is not something to be ashamed of.

Depression is not something you have to manage alone.

Depression is not something to avoid talking about.

You are more than depression.

Keep reaching out.

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