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Challenge: Summer Fun

Dear Toddlers, Here's My Summer Promise

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Dear Toddlers,

I know I'm kind of distracted a lot of the time. Too much of the time.

I know there are often other people in our home hanging out with you and caring for you, feeding you and taking you on walks. This is so I can get my work done so we can keep buying groceries and otter pops. Also, ice cream.

But it's summer.

I don't want summer to get swallowed up whole with deadlines and due dates and calendar appointments.

I don't want summer to be swept up and skimmed of memories made as a family.

I want to slow down and soak in the sweet chaos summer offers.

You two are babies turning toddlers which means our only real transition is the weather. So let's make this summer extra sweet, shall we?

I guess that's up to me.




My promise to you is to put down my computer and my phone, more than I have been. To stop checking and responding to emails when you're awake or around.

My promise to you is to sit in the back yard with the sun warming our skin, otter pops dripping down our chins, and iced tea begging to be sipped.

Toddler art and sand pits, count them all on the list.

My promise to you is to set up the sprinkler, invite the neighbor kids over, and all share a sweet treat.

Yogurt popsicles and freshly picked strawberries make the day complete.

My promise to you is to try new foods, adventure new places, and continue to remember life can be full of fresh faces.

There's nothing quite like meeting new people in their different spaces.

I promise tickle fights and wrestling matches, puppy kisses and barefoot madness.

I promise to have more dance parties on the patio, play with our swings and slides, chasing butterflies.

And hopefully, above all, I model and teach you to love well. Love big. Be grace givers.

Summer has barely begun, yet far too soon, summer tends to be done.

I always think there will be another tomorrow; another day to hike a mountain or play in the yard or eat watermelon.

But let's start today. Let's let summer fun begin with the sun on our skin and your toothy toddler grins.

You're only little for so long.

Cheers to you, summer fun.

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