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Dear Tired Special Needs Mom

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Dear tired Special Needs Mom,

I know how you feel; I feel it too! It can be exhausting caring for your child with special needs. Every mom feels worn down, but this “tired” feeling you and I feel is much greater. This word “tired” for us means way more than the lack of sleep. Every minute of every day there is worry. Worry that your child’s school might call you again. We worry about when the next meltdown will occur and what set it off. We worry about how our child is feeling because they can’t express it to us. We worry about who has the energy to be able to care for our child if for some reason we aren’t around anymore. I know you worry about if he will be accepted or not. I know you are tired of all paperwork, meetings and therapies. I know it’s exhausting to always be the one to advocate for his rights. I know how it feels to be sitting on the grocery stores floor with your child trying to convince them to make it out the door with you. I know how it feels to have to hold your child down during a doctors visits. I know how it feels to want to hear the words, “I love you!” I know how it feels when once again the insurance company tells you “NO!”

We are Autism Moms! We live and breathe autism every day! We are tired of the constant struggle with communication. We are tired of managing unwanted behaviors. We are tired of having to explain our beautiful children to strangers’ day in and day out. Yes Autism has made us stronger! And No I do not want to change who my child is. I just want to be not so “tired” and for my son to have a simpler life.

I know you feel alone. But together we can keep each other strong. I want you to know this fight is worth fighting! We can do this together!


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