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Dear Parents: Kindness Begins With You

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We were new to the area. Just settling in and getting to know people at church. We had been invited over for a few dinners at people’s homes and the kids had some play dates. Things were looking good and we were really liking our new town.

Suddenly no one would talk to us at church. No one would call us back when we called to ask about play dates. We would go to church functions, and we were all alone. Children were now being told to stay away from our children. My children were so confused. And so was I.

Later we found that a particular group of women had decided that our son was awful. They told everyone with kids that they needed to keep their kids away from us. That I needed to be kept away from too.

Suddenly this new town, these new experiences weren’t so fun anymore. Suddenly I was heartsick for my children.

What they didn’t know and what I didn’t know yet as it would be 2 more years before my son was diagnosed, was that he had Autism.

anordinarymom.site_-768x768.png?ssl=1Can you see anything wrong with this little boy? I can't.

I spent all my time as a mother when my children were small overseeing my children, disciplining them when they were in the wrong, never letting them get too far away so I could intervene if things went sideways.

That child that hasn’t been nice to your child? Maybe give him a second chance? Maybe something else is going on rather than being a brat? Does this child look different? Does he sound different? Chances are that a lot of children with hidden disabilities don’t appear to have anything wrong with them. So they are judged for the things that they might not be able to control. They are shunned for behaviors that might be different from the norm. You never know what battle people might be fighting.

Be Kind

*This previously was published on my blog- An Ordinary Mom.

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