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Dear Mornings ...

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Dear Mornings,

I remember when my alarm used to blare at the same time every single day. It was still dark and the house was silent. I’d hit the snooze button, roll over, sigh, and often times, dread the day. I worried about everything the day held. I wondered if I was doing the right things and wondered why my husband was always so excited to head to work.

I’ve always liked my jobs, but have always worn my emotions on my sleeve and was unable to completely surrender my fears to God and be at peace, regardless of what the day held. I was an always-think-about-work, talk about work, plan for work, answer work calls anytime kinda girl. Regardless of what day/time it was.

Now my mornings consist of human alarm clock “bosses” that wake all throughout the night. They are both morning birds and night owls. They are sweet AND feisty. They have their own agendas on their minds for the day. They somehow pull out 824 toys, spill 3 drinks, eat 2 breakfasts, “help” me start laundry and chores, and follow me to the bathroom all before 8:00 AM.

The mornings are definitely not always blissful. There are tears and tantrums. The first thing I do in the morning as the monkeys are swinging all over me is brew a cup of coffee from our beloved third child - the Keurig. Then, the day REALLY begins.

Some mornings are full of craft time for my busy and task-oriented toddler while others are letting the two babes learn to play together and use their vivid imaginations while I tend to washing sheets, washing dishes, planning menus, and attempt to find order in our constant chaos. Just this week, they were playing “speed boat” by sitting on my son’s tent. Then, he cast her overboard. It was nice while it lasted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that saying: “Please don’t let your sister lick your foot” or “Please don’t wipe your booger on that” would become my new normal. But, here we are.

I’m still working on finding peace in the chaos ... but the booger-wiping, vomit-cleaning, diaper-changing, appointment-scheduling, constant laundry-folding, ... I’m showing up every day, excited to see what the day holds. It’s the first time I’ve felt like I was truly fulfilling the passion my heart holds.

I’ve come to learn that to be passionate about what we do doesn’t mean it always has to be blissful. It might actually be the hardest job you’ve EVER had. The difference is ... you keep showing up. You keep finding beauty in the chaos. You keep finding the blessings right before your very eyes.

So, mornings ... we can be friends now.

Written by: Lizzy M. Christian of Fire Wife Chronicles. 🚒 For more encouragement, subscribe to the blog at

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