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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Dear mom of 'that' kid

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Dear mom of “that” kid,

You know who you are.

The other kids stay on the felt squares for story time. Yours scampers away.

The others try plenty of new foods. You can barely get yours to eat at all.

The other kids laugh at the loud birthday party. Your child runs and screams.

The others outgrew tantrums long ago. Yours still has them daily.

The other kids skip into school, while your child leaves marks on your hand from her death grip.

None of the other moms chat about these issues. So it must just be you.


That inner, insecure voice accuses and puts you on trial. Condemns you inside your own head.

But dearest mom of “that” kid, I have a different message for you:

You are valuable, vulnerable, chosen. You can do this.

It isn’t about your successful efforts; it’s about your faithfulness.

Whether that means doing what needs to be done or calling a friend in tears. Texting your spouse a crazed “Can you come home now?” message or matching your child’s shouts with your own in a desperate moment and saying sorry later.

Mom of “that” kid, there’s no way you’re going to get this right. Because there’s no one way to get it right.

But you are going to be there. You are going to stay. And that simple act of courage will speak volumes over the years and decades ahead.

It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. Your child’s going to be okay.

Dear mom of “that” kid,

You know who you are. And I do, too.

You are: precious, freed from the need to be perfect, giving your personal best.

You’re a wonderful mother, and I believe in you.

Sent your way with love from Jamie, another mom of “that” kid


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