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Dear Mama, your love doesn’t go unnoticed...

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Dear Mama,

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your extra hug is not missed.

Your sense of compassion is a part of me and shines in what I now do.

Your sacrifice of sleep to fold one last load of laundry, I see and silently thank you.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your tuck-ins each night mean more than you know.

The clean slate of tomorrow is etched in my soul.

Each kiss goodbye is felt deep inside.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

Every life lesson about safety and good choices, I now get.

Teaching me about passion and chasing my dreams has become who I am.

Morals and values are a must and family comes first is now a part of me forever.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

The silence in the car, after a long day fuels me up again.

The extra slice of cake, late at night, in the kitchen comforts my distracted thoughts.

The sharing and laughter until tears softly roll down our cheeks I cherish.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

The reach towards my hand, to reassure me it will be alright.

The huffs and the puffs of annoyance, as I walk out of the room, after a confrontation, but then a kiss on the forehead to end the day provides me with a safe space of forgiveness.

The hard days and the extraordinary days all matter.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

The days you feel not enough.

The days you feel you didn’t do enough.

The days you are overwhelmed.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

The days you think you aren’t making a difference.

The days you question your worth.

The days you perseverate on each word you say.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

You are kindness, mama.
You are love, mama.
You are my blessing, mama.

Each and every day you are enough for me.
You are my perfectly imperfect mama.

Your love doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your greatest blessing


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