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Challenge: Back to School 2020

Dear kindergarten teacher: No matter what, these kids will love you

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Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

I don’t know who you are yet or when we’ll get to meet you.

I don’t know if you are a mom or dad worried about how this school year is going to play out for your own children, or if you are caring for elderly parents, or if you have a pre-existing condition that makes you vulnerable in this scary time.

There is a lot I don’t know about you, and there’s a lot you don’t know about my 5-year-old. That’s hard for both of us.

But what I do know is that you did not get into this business for the fame or the glory. You didn’t choose this path to get rich quick. You are a kindergarten teacher because you love these kids and want to help them grow. We can’t thank you enough for that.

Right now your heart is hurting because you don’t know what this next month, or two months, or three months is going to look like. That uncertainty is painful and the grief is real. My heart hurts for my kindergartner, and it hurts for you too.

Put plainly. This sucks.

When you do get to meet my kid though, however and whenever that happens, I promise he’s going to bring a smile to your face behind that mask.


His favorite band is Queen, he loves to bake and play soccer, and he just learned to swim. He has a new puppy at home, and a little sister who thinks he’s a rock star. Most of the time. He doesn’t stop talking or asking questions, but it’s because he wants to learn. I think you’re going to like him a lot.

You’re going to like his friends too. Like the friend who knows all the words to the Trolls soundtrack, and the one who flies across the monkey bars, and the one that can draw a very realistic unicorn.

They are special, with a mask and without a mask. They are sweet, on the circle time rug or on the computer. They are ready, for whatever we need to throw at them this year to make this work.

It’s not going to be the same. In fact, it’s going to be a lot different. But you’re really going to like this class of kindergartners, I promise.

And my word, they are going to love you.

With love,
A Kindergarten Mom

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