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Challenge: Back to School 2021

Dear high school seniors feeling anxious about college rejections...

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'Tis the season for college acceptances and rejections. During this time it can be tempting to think your worth and value are connected to these acceptances or rejections.

That's a lie.

Somewhere along the lines the college process got twisted.

It turned into a scenario where you are desperately waiting to hear if you are enough, if you are chosen, if you get into the "best," if you are wanted, if all your sacrifices were worth it (sounds like a dysfunctional relationship!).

Plot twist. You are the one the colleges need. Without you (students) they don't exist. You have the power to be discerning and selective.

You get to ask yourself ...

"Do I even want to be there?" "Do I respect what they stand for?" "Does that campus support my values, religion, etc.?" "How do I feel when I visit the school?" "Is this worth the financial investment?"

Similar to romantic relationships or friendships, you don't want to be somewhere or with someone that doesn't want you. That doesn't see your unique gifts and talents. That doesn't see you as an asset to their life or campus. That doesn't appreciate the value you bring to the table.

As the letters/emails roll in, remember you get to decide what they all mean.

What if a "rejection" is just a redirection to a place better suited for you?

What if "acceptances" provide a chance to be discerning giving you the opportunity to pick the place that works best for you, not what society or magazine rankings think are best?

And never forget ...

Your enoughness and worthiness are decided by you and you only. You get to be enough and worthy right now.

And the school that gets you ... they are the lucky ones.


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