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Dear God, It’s me, mom

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Dear God,

It’s me, mom.

It’s been a while.

Not since I’ve prayed.

But since I’ve just checked in.

Life’s been busy.

So has my brain.

How am I doing?

I see myself messing up a lot. Do you see it too?

Do you love me less because of it?

What’s that you say?

You love me more.

You love me more because you see me really living, and being and trying and that’s all you ever expect or want?

Well that’s good ‘cause I was starting to feel like maybe I stink it up too much & that I mess up far too often.

What did you say?

I can be the Queen of Stinkdom and you’d still be proud of me?

Well that’s pretty wonderful.

Thank you, God.

Wait. What was that last thing you said?

For me to remember that I could never disappoint you?


And to ensure I raise my kids to know the same?

Got it.

Thanks for the pep-talk, God.

I feel better now.

Talk soon.


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