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Dealing with Twins, Their Sister and Technology at The Same Time

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I'm a father of two boys (twins) and one daughter who is 2/5 years old. The way I got all these kids was a surprise to me. Actually my intention was to get a playmate for my young daughter but GOD blessed me with two boys. Things have not been the same since then.

Happiness is in the sky, but I also miss those quite days. I can't watch movies anymore because each kid needs dad's attention.

However, being a tech guy - I'm having trouble working from home. Every time I pull out my laptop - the boys are on me. They see it as a toy - so I can only do some work when I lock myself in the bedroom. But when they see me entering the bedroom - they cry and I get confused.

The other thing which drives me crazy is my smart phone. Kids love cell phones. Not those toys which look like cell phones. They want the real smart phone in your hands. My screen is all shattered into pieces. I don't want them to get addicted to my cell phone because mobile games make them lazy and lonely.

One day I gave my daughter of 2/5 years to play caddy crash game. She was taken up by the game - ended up messing up her pants - forgot to go to her potty. I love technology because it puts food on my table but it comes with pros and cons.

I see many parents giving their children tech related gadgets. They are cool but we need to limit their usage. A child needs time to play with others, mess up the house, make you shout, mess up the wall and so much more.

The other lesson I have learned is to space children. Okay I don’t blame myself to have 3 kids of almost the same age in less than 3 years. I’m an active man and my wife comes from a very active tribe……do the math…hahahaha. But putting the fun aside, kids need spacing – it helps you as a parent. (1) You will have enough time to do what you love, (2) Each child will get enough attention, (3) Less mess at home, (4) You also get more time for each other ‘’as lovers’’.

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