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Daddy's Diet (HCG) For Healthy Lifestyle

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Many people believe the HCG Diet is only a viable weight loss solution for women, and this is not the case. Men can also benefit from using HCG as part of their weight loss plan. Why? HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in men, too! The misconception that men cannot use the HCG diet comes from the fact that it is commonly associated with fertility and is found in high concentrations in pregnant women, but the reality is this water-based hormone is found in both sexes.

Worried About Side Effects?

It is natural to worry about side effects in men when it comes to the HCG hormone. While side effects are likely, they are no different than the ones normally associated with dieting and detoxification, such as: headache, fatigue, and irritability. The side effects such as breast tenderness, enlargement, and nausea are generally only seen in women who are taking high doses of the hormone for fertility purposes. The weight loss dose is much smaller, and when given to men and women alike, these symptoms should not present themselves. In fact, women are more likely to suffer from side effects when using HCG than men are, given the association with pregnancy. However, men who experience any side effects should monitor them and present them to their medical doctor, just to be safe.

Results: What to Expect

Men who use the HCG diet are likely going to experience better results than women do. The fact is that even though we lose weight at the same rate in the long term, men are quicker to lose weight initially than women, so within the first few weeks or months of the program, they will likely lose more weight than a woman following the same diet.

While HCG can help the body empty and rid itself of fat cells, it can also help control cravings and suppress the appetite so you are more successful with your long term weight loss goals. However, no weight loss program is “magic” and it will not do all the work for you. For any diet, especially the HCG diet to work effectively, you need to pay close attention to your diet, and monitor your caloric intake. The majority of your calories should come from highly nutritious sources to keep your body fueled and feeling good throughout the process. If you eat junk, you’re going to feel bad, and deprived.

The fact of the matter is the HCG hormone will not make anyone pregnant. While it will increase the chances of conception in women who take it in high dosage amounts, when dosed for weight loss, it will not promote these symptoms, and it is safe for men to use accordingly. When compared to women, men are more likely to be successful with this program, and there is no reason not to consider using the program to reach your weight loss goals.

Before starting any diet or fitness program, you should first speak to your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to use any approach.

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