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Challenge: Springtime Crafts for Kids

Cute Spring Gift and Card Ideas

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Valentine’s Day got me thinking. Thinking about the card industry and gift giving in general. With Easter just around the corner and then fourth of July, mix some birthdays in and before you know it the big holidays that mark the end of the year have arrived. And things get expensive. Not only gifts but cards alone can cost upwards of $7 each! So, what’s the solution to this problem? Getting really creative when it comes to creating cards and gifts for family and friends. The best part of having kids too, is that they can get in on the action by making cards and presents. Not only are you helping use those arts and craft sets collecting dust in their room (and their imagination), but the recipient of the gift will be over the moon when they see the work and effort your child has put into the project.

Here are some of my favorite DIY gift and card projects just in time for the spring season!


These delicious treats aren't just reserved for around the campfire. Who doesn’t love chocolate and marshmallow melted together? And what marshmallow treat is synonymous with Easter? That’s right! It’s Peeps. From chicks to bunnies and now even eggs, these colorful sugar coated marshmallows gained their popularity during the Easter holiday. So, why not blend these two ideas together?

It’s as simple as packaging up some Peeps, graham crackers and chocolate and giving them as a cute gift. They make the perfect “thank you” to your hosts for Easter or a gift for kids. You can even dip the Peeps in chocolate and sprinkles before packaging. Make a cute label, and this sweet treat is ready to go.

Potted Plant

Okay, this title is a little bit deceiving. Sure, who doesn’t love getting plants in spring? Spring means flowers are budding, the sun is shining and things are coming alive. But this adorable idea has more to do with fresh breath than fresh flowers.

Grab yourself a few different colored tic-tacs and create some adorable and humorous labels. Then, pair these mints with a small terracotta pot and some fake Easter grass and you have another adorable and inexpensive gift. You can even eliminate the pot and simply add these to your child’s Easter basket. Here are the labels that correspond with the different colored tic-tacs:

  • Orange - carrot seeds

  • Green - grass seeds

  • White - bunny rabbit poop

  • White and pink mixed - peep seeds

  • Blue - Easter egg seeds

These are just suggestions. Let your kids come up with other silly and creative “seeds” and tic-tac colors. Just making these labels will be a good time.

Tire Wreath

This project is more about home decor than cuteness, but your kids can absolutely help create this masterpiece as well. You’ll need to find an antique metal tire, which you can purchase at a local craft store. If you’re not worried about the “antique” look, you can even use a thin tire that you have lying around or find at your local junk yard. Just remember, you’ll be hanging this from your front door, so don’t choose anything that’s too heavy. While you’re at the craft store, pick up your favorite variety of fake flowers in spring colors. You can even throw in some additional decorations like eggs, tiny watering cans, or whatever else catches your eye.

Once at home, you’ll need some space to work. You’ll also need some filling foam, which is where you’ll stick the flower stems and what will help hold them in place. The foam is tucked right into the space inside the tire. Now, you can carefully fill the inside of the tire with your flowers and decorations. You might need hot glue for the decorations, if they won’t lay securely in the flower arrangements. Most of the antique tires for purchase will already come with thick twine or rope for hanging your wreath. If you’ve purchased a tire, you’ll need to drill holes in the top of the rubber and thread sturdy rope through for hanging. But what a fun, easy, and unique spring decoration!


Now that you have some adorable gift ideas in mind, it’s time to pair it with a card. Here’s where your child’s imagination and creativity can really shine through. Here are just a few card decorating ideas that your kids will love making and friends and family will be delighted to receive.


That’s right, it’s time to bust out the paints! The best part about using paints on cards is that you can get really creative with the “brushes” you use - from your child’s fingers to potatoes, or even peeps! Grab a few different “stamps” and let your child’s mind run wild. They can dip these items into the paint and decorate an adorable, colorful, and unique card. Add glitter to the mix and this project is sure to please.


Does your child love pop-up books? Why not make a pop-up card? It’s easy when you use construction paper and some glue. Have your child create shapes like bunnies, eggs, or flowers out of construction paper. This can be done freehand or using stencils. Depending on your child’s age, help them cut out the shapes before folding the bottom edge and gluing it into the card. Make sure the paper is folded back in such a way that when the recipient opens the card, the picture “pops” out at them.


Whether you’re using family photos you’ve printed out or old magazines, creating a collage card is a lot of fun. Have your child choose the most colorful and festive pictures from magazines and cut them out for their cards. Older kids can find letters of different fonts, sizes, and colors to spell things out like “Happy Easter” or “I love you”. Plenty of magazines have photos of flowers, grass, eggs, and animals that make great spring-themed cards. You can also print out some family photos on paper and use those for your creations. The best thing about cards is that your child can do no wrong! Their creations will all be unique and beautiful in their own way.

Take Inspiration from Things Around You

I am always looking around outside, at crafts stores and in the house for craft and gift idea inspiration. DIY is the new way of the world. You can create an adorable gift from just about anything these days. All you need is a little vision, some creativity, and a hot glue gun! What are your favorite craft ideas?

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