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Cut yourself a break (and a slice of cake)

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It's impossible to meet all of their needs.

Forget my own.

Forget my husband's.

It's impossible to meet all of their needs, all of the time, (as they demand)


(attempt to)

make/keep a living,

take care of a house and a pet,

be a good daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend,

and participate in any of my other roles in this life outside of being "mom."

It's impossible to please three in every moment.

It's impossible to please three AND ME in every moment.

It's impossible to please three and me AND HE in every moment.

Did I mention it's impossible?

It's impossible to hear each when all three are yacking their way to my ear.

It's nearly impossible not to crack and break and fall to my knees under the weight that I feel making sure each of my love nuggets and husband are assured they are my world.

When, at the same time, I’m



and raising the youngsters in such a manner that they understand that the big wide

one…it doesn’t revolve around them.

So what is possible, you ask?

Being gentle with and kind to yourself when/if ever you fall short.

Speaking of short, it's a short distance between loving yourself and loathing yourself. It's easier to do the latter than it is to do the former. But it's not impossible.

So cut yourself a break and a slice of cake, and please remember that life tastes sweeter when you're nicer to yourself.

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