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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Create a Life List

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I am a huge goal setter, but life is not always about achieving an objective. Most of our days are about doing, about actions, about creating experiences. It is my day-to-day interactions that bring me joy. Every day I try to create a beautiful life. I do this for myself and for those around me. How? By trying to live in the moment, by making connections with others, by building relationships, and by caring for myself. When you take the time to create a life list, you are creating a gentle reminder to cherish the life you have.

What Is a Life List?

A life list is about experiences. In addition to my inspiration board and the list of goals that I'm always working on, I keep a life list. I know some people think of a life list as synonymous with a bucket list, but I look at the two of them as being different. My bucket list is my list of goals. It is my list of activities and accomplishments that I am working towards. My life list is about how to act on a daily basis. This list helps me keep a positive perspective.

This is my life list; it is a list of thirteen personal mandates. These thirteen directives help me savor each and every day. They remind me that life is precious, and yes, I have learned life can change in an instant.

My Life List:

  1. Let the people I love know that I love them.
  2. Bring the family together at the dinner table.
  3. Start each morning with a great cup of coffee. Savor the aroma.
  4. Look others in the eye when talking.
  5. Treat my body well.
  6. Be creative every day.
  7. Wander through museums, pick up a book to read, challenge my mind.
  8. Hike. Surround myself with nature.
  9. Notice when others do something well and let them know.
  10. Say thank you.
  11. Spend time with friends.
  12. Be more interested in other people, ask them questions - get to know them.
  13. Make time for God

This list doesn’t look too challenging, and it shouldn’t be hard. But these actions make me be present in the now. #4 – Look others in the eye when talking. I have to admit I don’t always. I know that sounds rude, but I have lots of children and a classroom full of students. I am also a huge multi-tasker, so I have to remind myself to stop what I am doing, and focus on the one in front of me that is asking a question or is in need of a conversation. #5 – Treat my body well. Hmm, I need to make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour or my sleep gets short-changed. I need to always remind myself to stay away from sweets. It’s just not a healthy option. This list reminds me that it is important to me to treat my body well.

Create a Life List

What would you add to your life list? Take the time to sit and think about what you need to create a beautiful life for yourself. How can you nourish your mind, body, and spirit? Write out your life list and post it where you will see it everyday.

A life list is a gentle reminder to stop and smell the roses
and to appreciate each day as the gift it is.


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