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Courage is a Mother

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According to Webster's-

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you.

Courage is the moral strength to persevere in the face of great hardship, struggle, grief or danger.

If you ask me-

Courage is giving of yourself day by day, moment by moment- even when it hurts, even when you're worn down and even when you feel you've reached the end of yourself.

Courage is falling into bed, exhausted and depleted, but hopping right back up the next morning when a little voice calls your name, to do it all over again.

Courage is spending countless hours on your knees for your children, even when you don't see the fruit from the seeds you've spent your entire life planting.

Courage is believing in your kids and for them, when they can't for themselves.

Courage is being sure you're getting this motherhood gig all wrong some days, but showing up, trying your best and giving your all anyway.

Courage is having the unwavering faith that it’s all worth it.

Courage is pressing onward through worries, through tears, through sleepless nights, through heavy hearts; with all the love for our children that only we could hold in our hearts.

Courage is a Mother.


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