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Coping with Coronavirus: Top 10 Ways To Get Through Your Day

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Last night we were told that school was postponed until April 30th and it really made me think about how I want to use this time at home. We don’t have much of a choice and honestly I am thankful for the downtime, a slower way of life, extra time with my kids, less work responsibilities, and staying home without anywhere to go. I typically lead such a busy on-the-go lifestyle, this quarantine is a bit of fresh air for me.

This is a time I can accomplish those things on my Wish List that I have been putting off because I just don’t have enough time in the day. In less than a week, I have already finished taxes, cleaned the garage, and completed a bunch of random tasks around the house. I also have been able to spend more quality time with my children and be more patient, calm, and present, and have less guilt because work and commitment stress isn’t consuming my life.

But then there is the flip side of uncertainty, confusion, financial stress, and wondering how long this will last or what if they never restock the supplies and groceries we need? When we were told it would only be a few weeks, I had a feeling of “I can do this” but then when they extended the timeline of normalcy, I wondered how long we could actually do it all without going mad. So I created a plan and wrote down some simple ways to help me break down each day. This should help keep stress levels low and big feelings at bay. These tips will help guide and help me and my children stay sane. We are all in a bit of survival mode, so do what you need to do to make it work, whatever that is. If it’s working, good job, keep it up. If it’s not working, maybe some of my suggestions will help!


Here are some tips that help me manage and get through the day:

1. Take one day at a time and practice daily affirmations! You can do this!

2. Simplify and set small goals.

3. Throw your old routine out the window and keep high new expectations at a minimum

4. Celebrate wins of every size

5. Keep one part of your day consistent and normal. For us, it’s our daily devotional time and yoga each morning after breakfast.

6. Find and accept your new normal. Make new rules. And find a balance between being productive and also accepting not doing much! Keep up what you need to but let yourself sleep in, let the kids watch more tv than usual, or even stay up a little late.

7. Break Your Day into Small Increments. Think of your day as between breakfast and snack. Between snack and lunch. Between lunch and nap. Between nap and dinner. Between dinner and bed. This will make the day seem shorter and less overwhelming.

8. Think of 2 positive, hopeful, and optimistic things for every worry, anxiety, negative thing you are scared about. The good of your day should outweigh your bad. Think of what you are grateful for each day and focus on that each time something doesn’t go as planned. Today I am thankful for…

9. Go outside every 2 hours and at minimum go on a 5 minute walk each day to get fresh air, exercise, and some Vitamin D! If it’s raining, don’t let that hold you back! Get on your jacket, rainbows, and grab your umbrella! It’s so good for the soul, mind and body!

10, Watch the news only as much as you need to keep you informed but do not let it consume your day. Limit the time you spend watching, listening, and thinking about Coronavirus. And even though you are practicing social distancing, make sure to have social contact with others outside your home each week. Set up a weekly FaceTime or Zoom chat with your friends and extended family and also do the same for your children. Set up weekly play dates and or virtual classes for your children too!! Go back to the days of written pen pals and send a letter to someone! Want to send a gift? Send a virtual gift card or even some toilet paper in the mail for a surprise Amazon delivery!

Mourn what you need to mourn. Grieve the life you had and the life you feel like you are missing, express it in a healthy way, and process it. We all express this differently, but use coping skills or other types of self care when needed. This is a time for rest and rejuvenation. This is a time to choose happiness and let it win. This is a time to mourn the past we once knew and plan for a new future. Set new goals. Set new routines. This is your time for change!

We are confined and restricted but you aren’t alone. The entire world is literally in the same boat and are all experiencing it together. The hardest part is the uncertainty and not knowing how bad it really is and if it will get worse before it gets better and knowing how long social distancing or quarantine will last. It seems indefinite and unmanageable right now but it too shall pass. We will get through this. You just need to find your ground and your own groove. And one day I hope we can look back at this epic and legendary time in history as say we lived through it and came out as better people and a better society. This is our new normal. Have you been able to accept it yet or are you still in need time to process it all?

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