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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Circle of Life

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When we adopted our two year old twin boys, one of the first things we wanted to do was create memories with them immediately. We made all the mistakes new parents make, but making those errors with toddlers is like getting caught with your pants down.

You turn in the tiny bit of street cred you had for a minivan with a dvd player and remote control doors. You watch The Lion King so much that you start cheering for Scar, and the Circle of Life has never felt more relevant.

You over-pack, over-budget, over-think, over-caffeinate. You were so busy worrying about everyone else that you forgot your own toothbrush. And maybe your deodorant. You borrow both from your spouse - achieving a whole new level in your relationship.

Whether it's a day trip to the local zoo, a road trip to Grammy's, or the dream vacay to Disneyland, someday you're going to look back on these adventures and refer to them as "the good old days". Yes, you are LIVING in those days right now.

Smile for the camera. Act like a normal family. Can you "feel the love tonight"?

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