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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Choosing to wear a mask for my son.

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The nurse at check in handed me the mask for him to wear and I immediately thought, “there’s no way he will do this”. When I asked him to try he said “no no no” and waved his hands in dismay. Then the nurse asked him to try it on for only 3 seconds and he said “ok” and then, even though he was nervous, he let me help him put it on! He then proceeded to wear it for the whole hour we were at his appointment, without complaining once!

Watched his movies while waiting patiently, went through the exam, talked to the doctor, all with a mask on his face!

Guys, this is not to protect him, this is to protect the medical staff and other patients they will see. We do it because we know some (including us) may need a hospital bed or medical resources for non-covid19 related care and right now with the surge of cases in our city these resources are now limited.

My child still has to continue to get medical care in the middle of a pandemic and he is willing to do his part at his appointments but, for some reason, it feels like an infringement to your rights to ask you to wear a mask when you go grocery shopping. If my child with special needs is going to wear a mask for you without complaining, then can you please wear one for him.

You have the right to choose.

You can choose to be a part of protecting and loving our neighbors, our doctors, our elderly, and specifically, when I see you with a mask on in public, I see someone choosing to show love and respect for my son.

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