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Too many times we take for granted our children and every little thing they do. We get so consumed with everyday adulthood duties and every day parenting duties trying to give our children the best life possible. What we fail to realize is our children don't care about a clean house, or clean clothes, they don't care about how much money we have in our bank accounts, they just want us. To be there to hold them, to play dance sing be downright goofy with. Recently I’ve realized just how much we take for granted because we rather see a clean house than to sing old McDonald had a farm for the thousandth time that day, we'd rather step aside and have a long shower instead of sitting down and watching ninja turtles for fourth time in a day, our children are such a blessing and we truly don't know what were missing out on, the moments we can share with our children the memories we could have made until they're gone or grown up

Life's to short
To take the small things for granted,
Even though it can be a mess,
And seem to be slanted,
Materialistic things come and go,
But our children are something we need to know,
With every hug and every kiss,
Cherish every moment,
Because in a instant it can be gone,
And all will be missed,
The sound of their laughter,
The touch of their skin,
The look in their eyes,
And even their precious grins,
Children are a blessing,
With the uttermost rewards,
Encourage, and love them,
Give them something to live toward,
Guide and direct,
Correct when they're wrong,
Show them they are your world,
Protect them from harm
Let them make mistakes
And let them fall
We will always love them
They are our world afterall,
Dont take one second for granted
Show them an example
For in their hearts we place,
A seed that we planted,
No matter what life throws at you
Never give up
Because your children love you,
And their love is enough!!

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