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Challenge: Finding Your Village

Children are everywhere, and some think that's a problem. THANK YOU to those who don't.

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Those little beings you either NEVER wanted or ALWAYS knew you did.


I was team always.

I still am.

Ever since I can remember, being a wife and momma was all I ever wanted and all I ever dreamed about.

I was determined that even if I were going to do nothing else with my life, I would marry a loving man and make adorable, perfect(ish) tiny humans with him.

He would love me.

The kids would love me.

I would love myself.

We'd all be happy all the time.

We would all make each other laugh and love each other well.

And, well, I got the guy, and he does love me (most of the time).

I got the kids, too, three in fact, and they also love me (most of the time).

And I love me, probably more now at the age of thirty-three than I ever have.

We're not happy all the time, but no one is.

We make each other laugh, and we love each other well, but we also make each other cry and scream and push each other's buttons simply because we know where they are, the chaos they create, and, well, honestly, it gives us a needed chuckle sometimes.

Being a parent is the most fantastic thing.

But, that's only my opinion, and it's just that, not a fact, just an opinion.

And, for those that don't want kids of their own, do you.

Because you know what, there's no doubt that you're still helping to make a positive impact on the youngsters around you.

Children are everywhere.

And some think that's a problem.

But, me, I happen to think that's the amazing this about them.

And do you know what's amazing about those that don't want kids but can still appreciate them like


sports coaches,





even the patient and compassionate adults behind them in a checkout line,

or seated in the booth next to them at a restaurant,

is that by simply accepting and even minimally appreciating their presence, you are building them up.

And, they need people like you, just as much as they need their mama.

To anyone that doesn't want kids, but still loves them, thank you, from this mama of three.

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