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Challenge: Get Happy!

Cheers To The End Of Summer

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The first week in September, it never fails. My social media feeds overflow with my friends bittersweet posts. They're either showing off their kid's first day of school outfits, or lamenting the loss of summer. If it weren't for the thrill of sending the kids to school for seven hours a day, five days a week, it seems like people would be jumping off bridges.

I know. The days get shorter and cooler. No more beach or pool days. No more Barbecues. No more sleeping in. I get it. And no, I am not a 'summer hater'. If given the choice, I would take a paddle board over a snow board any day. That said, who can stand to only thrive three months out of the year? I am determined to talk myself, and hopefully you, into getting psyched for September and the following seven months. I'm leaving pumpkin spiced lattes off the list.

Let's start with the obvious. Sending the children back to school. Sure, you may have mixed feelings on this. They are going into the next grade, which makes you feel older. But hey, while your kids are in school for the rest of the year, it might start to slow down the signs of aging. And, now that you're obligated to get them to bed at a reasonable hour, you can find the time to double up on that retinol-laced skin care routine you slacked on all summer.

Now that I have school aged children, that first day back has become more 'new year' for me than January 1st. New teachers, new wardrobe, new supplies. A new season to get organized! You can finally put all those different colored markers and calendars to use while you over-schedule your family. Alright, alright. I know this is a little delusional since the September equals June Cleaver and by June it's more like Meat Cleaver.

While we're being honest, by the end of August, most of us are done with ninety degree days that make you feel like you're being smacked in the face with a damp towel every time you walk outside. When I sweat from standing still, I'm done. I would love to be all, 'Leggings and long sweaters!' but for me it's more like, 'Favorite pair of over-sized grey sweatpants and hoodies!'

Finally, The Holidays! Oh, stop cringing! Look, the holidays can go one of two ways. You can throw yourself down the rabbit hole and attempt to make October through January the most Pinteresting thing anyone has ever seen, or you can roll with it. It's a new concept to me, too. It really is a challenge for me to let go of the reigns and stop trying to make every Thanksgiving and Christmas as perfect as those of my childhood. Don't you want to enjoy those months though, instead of dreading them? Do you want your kids to remember you as the holiday martyr that made homemade cranberry sauce, or do you want them to remember how fun you were to be around? So what if the gingerbread cookies come out misshapen? You can always find something to do with them later on Pinterest. See? I'm still learning.

As we try and drink in the last few sips of summer, join me in a toast to new beginnings and resolutions, to embracing a new school year and finishing 2015 strong, and last but not least, to discovering new things like blogs that you can become loyal readers of. #GetHappy It's going to be a great year. Cheers!

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