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Challenge: Finding Your Village

'Through all of the triumphs and tantrums': Cheers to my mom squad

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You know who you are and you know that I couldn’t do this without you. Well maybe you don’t know that yet, but I’d be extremely lost without you.

It’s crazy how our kids brought us together 2 years ago; longer for some since we met in Prenatal Yoga class. It’s strange because you have friends and family who you are close with, but nothing is quite comparable to your Mom Squad.


These ladies are the ones who are in the trenches with you each and every day. The moms whose toddlers are also throwing their grilled cheese at them while watching way too much screen time. Go ahead and judge, but my Mom Squad gets it; and they get me.

They’re there for me to cheer me on when I make a career change and they’re there to cry with me when I send that emotional slideshow from my little man’s last photoshoot. Did I mention the laughs we share on margarita night?

I’m not quite sure how our little squad formed because we aren’t the ones who grew up together and we weren’t best friends since high school, but however it happened; I consider myself extremely fortunate to have these mamas in my life!

I guess it’s true when they say your vibe is your tribe.

If my vibe is attracting ambitious badass women who would do anything to give their families the best life they can; then I am doing something right!

Cheers to our marathon playdates that start at music class and end with lunch in the park; so we can tire our little ones out and get a rockstar nap out of them. Secretly though; those playdates are more to help us regain our mom sanity rather than just to get that nap in.

It’s precious to watch our little ones grow up together. They’re now starting to talk in their own secret languages and share their toys. I know that they are such great kids because they have such great moms.

It’s also amazing watching how much love these moms have for all of the squad kids. It’s a beautiful thing!

We might not have it all figured out and sometimes when we put all of our heads together we think for a hot minute that we have all the answers and can conquer the world. Honestly though; we are just hot messes with a solid group text going.

Some days we are trying to figure out why our husbands think that golfing for 8 hours is equivalent to an hour barre or yoga class. While other days we can’t understand why our kid’s nose is running for the 3rd straight week.

I truly hope you have a Mom Squad to lean on through all of the triumphs and tantrums. It’s comforting knowing that there is a group of empowering women out there who are on my side and have my back. Momming isn’t easy, but somehow I feel that we can get through it together!

If your babe is still in the newborn or infant stages and you haven’t quite found your squad; then I encourage you to put yourself out there. Go to a mommy and me class, storytime at the library or a park playdate. You will find your squad of mamas and you will be so thankful you did!

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